Why I am the Coach for you.

From our first moment of working together you will -

  • Know you are no longer alone in your struggle to live a healthier more joy-filled life.
  • Experience strength and inspiration through my professional commitment to your wellness goals.
  • Feel truly heard and honoured for who you are now and for where you want to go with your life.
  • Feel guided and consistently nudged towards your goals and dreams.  I won’t stop until you find your wings and know how to use them!

Why YOU are the Client for me.

  • You are a lover of life but you yearn for more vitality, fulfillment and carpe diem-ness than you have right now.  
  • Health and wellness are important to you even though you can’t always find the time to make it a priority.  
  • You are the first to support someone else but find it difficult to do that for yourself.  
  • You are SO DONE with quick fixes, diets and feeling dependent on prescriptive systems to achieve your goals.  
  • You want to be confident that you can achieve true wellness every day for the rest of your life, no user manual required.


When someone needs to be heard, nurtured and guided towards change, Cari has always been compelled to be there.

Cari has honed her compassionate listening and coaching skills through being a Leadership volunteer on a crisis phone line in Calgary since 2012.  She has been honoured to  be there for thousands of people at deeply challenging and vulnerable times in their lives.  Cari has also coached many new volunteers in their listening and support skills.

Cari has been teaching people how to cook healthy, quick, homemade meals in their homes since 2011.  Being an Independent Epicure consultant was her gateway job to coaching, that’s how she first found my passion for sharing empowered wellness.

Cari has been a practicing Nutrition Coach since 2015, certified through Canadian Fitness Professionals.  She has been empowering client’s in their relationships with food and helping them achieve long-lasting wellness ever since.

One thing Cari has learned is that it’s almost never just about the food.  Since full-being wellness is her passion, she strengthened her skill set by aligning herself with the most prestigious coaching school, the Coach Training Institute (CTI).  Cari has completed hundreds of hours of supervision, classroom study and client coaching to become a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC).  This is the most respected coach certification title recognized world-wide.   Drawing on this knowledge, Cari can help you create a completely personalized road map to health that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals.  As a Life Coach Cari has the tools to help you uncover your own limiting beliefs and finally live beyond them.

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