Answer the following 11 questions to find out how ready you are to make 2018 a year of greater wellness, joy, abundance and fulfillment.

Name *
When you wake up in the morning, do you *
Think about looking at yourself in a full-length mirror.  Do you *
At the end of a normal day, do you feel like the food you ate was *
Think of someone who knows and loves you.  Is your life full of as much wellness, joy and abundance as THEY would want you to have? *
Take a few moments to remember a time when you were truly happy, your BEST SELF.  Picture it in your mind, feel it, smell it, make it real.  Now, are you *
When I think about food, I *
How many times per week do you do something that moves you closer to a better YOU? *
Think of a time in your life when you took a gutsy leap of faith towards something you wanted.  You were scared, but you did it anyway.  Which of these statements is closest to how you feel about that time. *

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