Design Your Life 2018

This program is for Fuzion Educators who want to grow their business as much as they want to expand their joy

For women who are done with feeling like an endlessly unravelling ball of string.

Who want to finally love themselves, and push themselves with joy to their highest heights. 

For women who know that growing together is easier and more fun than striving alone.

Choose from the Basic 5-week program OR the extended Mastermind program



Have you ever been to an inspirational conference or Summit where your mind is blown, your heart sings and your notebook is full of new ideas?  I know you have!!  Well - Design Your Life is like 5 weeks or more of this kind of experience! 

Except here the professional support won’t just be from a stage, it will be weekly and 1-on-1

And you won’t just make an inspirational plan and lose track of it as soon as you get home.   Design Your Life is daily structure, inspiration and support that will hold you accountable to yourself, your coach, and to the other glorious women in the group.

Design Your Life is a tight-knit exclusive group so space is very limited to ensure quality of support and connection.

Sign up today to secure your spot, space is limited.  Design Your Life will commence mid September 2018, depending on enrolment. 


Design Your Life -

Basic Program

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Design Your Life


Mastermind Program


Every week you will -

  • Make a structured goal and plan that fits your dreams and your life
  • Have a one-on-one call with your coach to support your unique needs and vision
  • Share the highs and learnings with the wildly supportive Facebook (private) group
  • Be challenged to try something new / build a new skill
  • Strengthen your strengths
  • Work with your weaknesses

After 5 weeks you will -

  • Achieve a huge exciting business goal (or two or three)
  • Have a clear vision of goals for the next month, 6 months, year
  • Know how to maximize your own unique talents and strengths
  • Be connected to a tribe of wildly supportive like-minded business women who will continue to inspire you and hold you accountable
  • Have the coach's ongoing support as needed

Keep your Deserve Level RISING!

Choose from the Basic 5-week program OR the extended Mastermind program